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We are currently taking applications for Spring 2024 Litters

Frozen semen imported from France. Merlin is a phenomenal herding dog with a very rare pedigree.

Frozen semen imported from Czech Republic. Kerang is a multi-world champion in IPO and a renowned producer.

Imported from old French herding lines. Tortue is our herding prospect who we have very very high hopes for his future.

Imported from working French lines. Savage is an Explosives Detection Dog.

Imported from French lines. Tonks will be focusing on Conformation, Herding, and Scentwork.

Armored Rose Have You Blown On It v Wanderlust

Sega is a US bred dog from a mix of renowned Czech working lines and French conformation lines. She is a detection dog trainee.

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What is Lagniappe?

Something a little extra...

Lagniappe noun la·​gniappe | \ lan-ˈyap \ : a small gift given to a customer by a merchant at the time of a purchase

broadly : something given or obtained gratuitously or by way of good measure


Over our collective years in the Beauceron community, there has always been a sense of competition. It has been more of a contest between breeders rather than a community trying to preserve such a historic breed. During the pandemic of 2021, we (Lauren Matera, Ashley De Noma, and Caitlin Bailey) decided to change the narrative. Lagniappe is a collaborative kennel with the goal of bringing more diverse bloodlines to the United States while preserving both form and function of the original Beauceron. By working together, we exponentially increase the parentage available to each of us and our puppy buyers.


Having a vision for the long term requires partnership as well as sacrifice. By investing in dogs and bloodlines together, we divide the financial burden of importing or caring for new dogs while sharing in the benefit of having these dogs available to us for breeding. We are also able to pool our resources such as foreign and domestic relationships, a cross-country transportation network, and collective knowledge gained over years and years of individual experience. We believe by creating this collaboration, we have created a support system that may benefit the whole community in years to come.


This kennel was created for dogs that we co-own, semen we import, and pairings that we are invested in as a group. Dogs that are born in collaboration will bear the Lagniappe kennel name rather than our own. At any point in time, dogs in this collaborative may reside with any three breeders for various reasons (i.e. sport training, conformation showing, breeding, whelping and raising of puppies, etc.). Rest assured, each breeder treats all dogs visiting their home as one of their own. When purchasing a puppy from this collaborative, you not only gain the support of one breeder, but three! We are truly invested in bringing you the best Beauceron that fits your needs. We stand by our dogs and puppies for the duration of their lives. We will celebrate your successes and mourn your losses with you as they are also our successes and losses.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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