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About Me

Thanks for visiting our page! I am Caitlin Bailey and I am the breeder behind Heritage Beaucerons. My husband, Brandon, and I are located in Central Florida and we currently own 5 dogs, Dixie (ACD), Apollo (ACD x Border Collie), Rowan, Sol, and Savage. Brandon and I both grew up in Central Florida, but I spent quite a while in CSRA Georgia. I attended Georgia Southern University (GO EAGLES!) and graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts with a major in International Studies and a minor in French.


Later, I went on to work professionally in pet obedience and behavior modification. My passion for working with dogs spurred my desire to volunteer with my local Search and Rescue team where I went on to certify two Human Remains Detection canines. After almost 4 years of being a volunteer, the opportunity arose for me to leave my career as a Controller and move into the world of professional detection canine handling and security work which is where I am today. While I still volunteer for Search and Rescue, I now have certified and work with two explosives detection canines and work in domestic and international security operations for churches.


Throughout my life, I have always had a fondness for animals. I grew up working on horse farms, shadowing veterinarians, and pursuing a life filled with animals I love. I have been a part of the breeding and training of Quarter Horses, worked as a professional dog trainer, and have continually participated in dog sports that each of my dogs enjoy. Through these various experiences is how I came to know the Beauceron. Their extreme adaptability to life's challenges was the main draw for me. Beaucerons are jacks of all trades who are happy to try anything and everything with their people.


Gaining mentors within the breed is what inspired me to help make the Beauceron community a more accepting place. My mentor's commitment to finding me the perfect Beauceron for my lifestyle, whether that be from her or not, is what drove me to do the same. I am proud to have gained many mentors within the breed as well as outside of the breed to help guide me in my future breeding decisions.


In my free time, I am very active in many of the avenues I work my dogs with. I am the Secretary of the Working Beauceron Association, Treasurer of Search and Rescue of Central Florida, and I am an administrator for the Berger de Beauce Pedigree Database. Additionally, I train my dogs in various activities such as Herding, Search and Rescue, Detection, Dock Diving, Obedience, and anything else that piques our interest. Our end goal as a family has always been to own a farm though. Everything we do is in pursuit of that goal, and we hope to achieve it someday.

Heritage Beaucerons

The idea for this kennel name was actually born out of the name of our future farm, Heritage Ranch. Brandon and I fell in love with the historic Florida Cracker Cow while looking for land and learned about how limited the population is in the country. We hope to gain a herd of our own one day in order to help preserve the breed that gave Florida Cattlemen their name, Crackers. Once we decided that we were invested in the Beauceron breed, the same sentiment arose. With the breed gaining popularity in the United States, we saw a huge gap in the amount of breeders truly working their Beaucerons (and even fewer specifically herding). We believe that preserving a breed greatly includes preserving its original intended purpose to the best of our ability.


That is why here at Heritage Beaucerons, all of our breeding dogs come from pedigrees filled with herding dogs, protection sport dogs, and unique bloodlines. Not only do their pedigrees boast working ability, but each of our breeding dogs are evaluated and tested to ensure their own working ability. However, you cannot have function without proper form. We believe meshing beautiful, conformationally sound dogs with working dogs is what brings us back to the glory of the original Beauceron. That is what we strive for.

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