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Reserve High in Trial

This summer, the dogs and I traveled to beautiful Northern Colorado to attend the Rancho Terra Norte Herding Symposium. This event consists of 10+ days of herding trials, herding seminars, learning about farm life and so much more. We decided to make the trip in order to meet Beauceron breeder and FCI judge Benoit Voisin. It was a joy to be able to learn the traditional style of herding from someone so knowledgeable not only about the breed but about herding and livestock.

In addition to learning from Benoit, we also got the chance to trial under him in the Herding Ranch Dog I Goat course. We did not originally plan on trialing but after much convincing, we decided to give it a shot. I am so glad we did. Sol and I completed the HRD course including a maltese cross and serpentine, which we had never done before. We passed with a lovely score of 82/90, second place in level 1, and a very competitive Reserve High in Trial!! I was over the moon by the sheer ability Sol showed me and I cannot wait to keep working with her and seeing how far she goes in the future.


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