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American Beauceron Club Journee

We are finally back home and re-settled from our journey to the American Beauceron Club Journee in Cape Cod, Massachusettes and WOW was it an experience. I first want to thank the judges for flying all the way to Massachusetts from France and performing evaluations on our dogs. You insight is invaluable and we are very thankful to have been a part of this event!

During the Journee, I presented both Rowan and Sol for their evaluations and our Co-Owner Lauren presented our newest puppy Tortue for his. Due to Sol and Tortue being less than 1 year old, neither of them participated in the temperament portion of the evaluation, only the morphology (structure evaluation). The ratings for morphology for puppies are Disqualife (Disqualified ), Bon (Good), Prometteur (Promising), and Tres Prometteur (Very Promising). Both Sol and Tortue received the highest rating of Tres Prometteur from judge Alain Thevenon.

Lastly was Rowan. Rowan participated in the temperament test with judge Frederic Aubry and received the highest rating of Excellent. You can view his full temperament test here. Mr. Aubry stated that he was very courageous but very young which we knew! After his temperament test, we went on to Morphology. Unfortunately, as I expected, Rowan received a Disqualife rating for morphology due to his height. Mr. Tevenon had great things to say about him otherwise and was very complimentary of him. When I told him we did Search and Rescue, he complimented our efforts and told us to keep on working.

All in all, attending the Journee was a great experience and I am very glad we made the trip. I am very excited to attend the Working Beauceron Association's Journee next year with our puppies as adults in Los Angeles, California. We hope to see you all there!


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