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Brothers Reunited

This weekend, we attended the Lakeland Winter Haven Kennel Club Strawberry Classic and had an absolute blast. I had never been to this show before but wow, they had so much to offer. On top of conformation and obedience, they had FastCAT, Dock Diving, FDC, Agility, Barnhunt, Temperament Testing, UpDog, and much more! It was so fun and I cannot wait to go back again next year.

Rowan participated in Dock Diving, FastCAT and the American Temperament Test Society Temperament Test. He achieved a personal best of 18'6" for Dock, 8.02 seconds for FastCAT, and completed his temperament test with flying colors achieving his TT title. The evaluator was so impressed with his temperament that he mentioned Rowan was one of the best Beaucerons he had ever tested and was grateful to have met him. What a praise!!

Sol was not entered in any events but she had a great time socializing, being exposed to the show atmosphere, and meeting new friends! One of those friends happened to be Rowan's half-brother Tomioka! It was such a joy to get to see Victoria and Tomioka again and cheer them on in their activities. Tomioka reminds me so much of Rowan at his age, I am very excited to see him grow up and pursue French Ring.

Overall it was a great weekend of hanging out with friends and getting to do some dog stuff. Now, Rowan and I will really begin hunkering down and focusing on our upcoming NAPWDA certification. Wish us luck!


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