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Solstice du Grand Buech

She is finally on her way! Between many searches for the perfect addition to our family, waiting for the perfect puppy to be born, coordinating transport, and a world wide pandemic, it feels like we have been waiting a lifetime for Sol to join us here in Florida. But, the stars aligned and she is finally on her way.

Sol is from the breeders Jean-Michel and Séverine Bisquert of Élevage du Grand Buech. Jean-Michel and Séverine began their program in 2011 with Grande du Domaine d'Epalais striving to produce sound working dogs. Over the years, they have produced many successful herding dogs that work on farms all over France. They have also competed at several Nationales producing multiple cotation 4 dogs.

Sol's parents are L'Georg dit Gaillard du Grand Buech (Elvis de l'Enclos du Royaume de Stane x Grande du Domaine d'Epalais) and Phénomène du Grand Buech (Igor des Plaines de la Sainte Victoire x Niki du Grand Buech). In further generations, many notable Beaucerons are included in her pedigree such as G'Zouk du Murier de Sordeille, Seneque de la Dame de Coeur, Rocco de la Montagne du Seigneur, and Drago-Malefoy de Sainte Petronille.

Our goals for Solstice mainly are herding, her evaluation can be seen here. We will dabble in many other sports such as conformation, dock diving and fastCAT but her focus will be herding. We hope that by achieving controllable trained herding dogs now, life will be a little bit easier on the farm when the time comes. Be on the look out for more updates in the future on how her herding career develops and future health testing that will be performed!


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